The Plannedemic Part 3 - COVID Vaccines Documentary [Hibbeler Productions]

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
26 Sep 2021

⁣The Plannedemic Part 3 - COVID Vaccines Documentary [Hibbeler Productions]
by Hibbeler Productions

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Hebbeler Productions 11 Video Playlist
1 The Greatest Deception - 2019 Documentary - Hebbeler Productions
2 The Hunger Games 2020 Documentary By Hibbeler Productions
3 Psychological Operation The BLM SCAM - GEORGE SOROS PsyOP
4 Nine Eleven - 2019 Documentary (Banned on YouTube)
5 The truth in PLANE sight (2018 Documentary)
6 Look Up - 2020 Chemtrails Documentary
8 Michael Jackson Entering Neverland (Hibbeler Productions 2019 Documentary)
9 Five G - (2019 Documentary)
10 The PlanneDemic 2020 Documentary (Banned by Youtube)
11 LEVEL (2021) - (PG VRSION)

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When Fear is used as a weapon, one must arm themselves with knowledge
Your masks wont silence us.
Your shut downs wont stop us.
Your riots don't scare us.

Faith defeats fakery.
Infiltration is not immigration.
Idealism is not realism.
Religion is not God.

Do not believe, discern. Do not trust, verify.
Do not conform, Rebel. Do not Submit, Refuse.
Do not line up, Step out! DO not obey, Resist!
Do not kneel, stand.
We stand Together!

Overwhelming evidence that the pandemic is a crime

AZ Forensic Audit Report
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Arizona Maricopa County Audit Quick Update
AZ Forensic Audit Report - [Shane's Edit]
Dig my best to cut out the fluff and trim the 3 hour EPIC into a more manageable 60 min summary of what was shown today.

ManMade Climate Change is a Hoax dreamed up by elite in 1991: Debunked in a single Post:

An excellent summary of exactly why and how our medical establishment is so ineffective, bloated and corrupt
"Learn how Our Medical establishment was taken over and weaponized against us"
MrTruthBomb Presents - ROCKEFELLER [Everything wrong with our medical system]

MOCKINGIRD - How the CIA controlls all the information you get to hear
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A Vital documentary that convinces anyone who is skeptical how corrupt our government is and was, at least all the way back to JFK;
REQUIRED VIEWING: We Have ALWAYS been the terrorists. We invented enemies. Our government is the worlds biggest criminal

History of the Jes
Excellent Resource Links EVERYONE should check out if you have not
CORRECTED WIKI of most things corrupted and lied about

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