The New Normal?

29 Apr 2021

Most governments around the world have enforced draconian lockdowns and "safety" mandates in response to C*VID-19. These measures are imposed under the guise of our protection and safety, yet in reality, they are a means to restrict and remove our rights and freedoms as well as normalizing unhealthy socialization patterns and lifestyles. The mental and emotional ramifications of these measures will be dealt with for many years to come.These lockdowns have been economically devastating, especially to the poor and lower middle class whom the ruling elite could not care less about. The corporate press has propagated fear and hysteria throughout the country, achieving compliance and conformity in the general public. The "new normal" is being conditioned into people, causing them to rationalize every tyrannical moved made by the State. Things will not be back to normal after the election. The lockdowns have been an instrumental step towards bringing to life the agendas in place and enhancing the State's and corporate and political cronies' top-down control over the mindless general populace.

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