The Mystic Journey of Ascension - Lyrical Spirtual Hip Hop Mix ((432Hz))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
21 Nov 2021

This is not the new age bs pseudo spiritual habitual fairy-telling ritual. in order for us to ascend, we do it here together as a human species with mother earth, aka Gaïa.. and we are so far from making that happen that it makes these rumors of mass awakenings melancholically laughable.. It's 2019 and there's over 7 billion human beings breaking Natural Law and everyone is more or less mentally, financially, governmentally, technocratically, oligarchically, and jurisdictionally enslaved. No doom and gloom, i'm just stating the state of the human condition objectively.. my opinion is that we can flip the scrip pretty quick, or pretty slow, it all depends on how efficient awareness spreads and how we respond and unite.. it's time to surrender your bullshit ladies and gentlemen, so that we can finally do something and be the one's who strike back- not the empire.. and this goes well beyond 3D as well- much more elaborate than the limited, yet great movie saga allegory in Star Wars.

the only way we can truly ascend is by making the darkness conscious, rising together as a collective with the planet.. The only way to come as 1 is for everyone to set their moral compasses on Natural Law, which can b a fulcrum to a critical mass population empowered with knowledge of self, healed & deprogrammed minds and egos, occult science, rectified universal truth and courage. And of course, action!
people talk about 5D & stuff , which is interesting stuff, but WHY are we here now in the 3D physical realm?.. what about 4D? so much to do, learn and resolve here... and some people just want to escape it and elevate to a higher density?.. leave it all behind, it's your free will choice if you want.. there are people yearning for this who don't even fully understand themselves let alone activated their rudimentary chakra templates, which needs to be transcended beyond its limitations to "ascend" beyond that energy field.. i used to be caught up in that for a minute before realizing those false light paths.. but what i feel more appropriate is moving this realm towards those higher densities.. some say we're already in 4D more or less.. this could be true, but there are fragments in the collective consciousness that are struggling and suffering with lower dimensional lessons who seem to be in 2D thoughts and behaviors.. throw on the occult priest class nefariously wreaking havoc upon all life on earth full of order followers, and things don't seem so 4D peachy now do they? then add on the over arching archonic manipulations and distortions on the astral and ethereal levels, and we see that even aspects of fibonacci sequence and sacred geometry are not the true codes of creative force.. these things have been hijacked, counterfeited and sold back to us to be bound by for eons..

This mix will hearken towards individual and collective efforts and experiences involved in this so-called ascension process.. People think it's going to be some kind of event, but i see it as a process.. shift happens, yes, but there are requirements and numbers of people (think of 100th monkey effect, which is kinda why i have this lil monkey hanging around my current youtube channel picture) needed to obtain it.. even if shift comes, there's no guarantee and i feel that it's how we work with the higher vibrational fields of consciousness that will make the difference in the individual, thus transmuting their enlightenment outward to the collective.. This takes inner and outer work- this is not some self gratification easy life-hack scenario, nor a spectator sport.. As within, as without.. know thyself and you will know the universe.. We must align ourselves with Natural/Universal Law if we wish to see and manifest any of this to occur..

p.s. avoid those false light tunnel soul trappings when this current 3D incarnation you have ends


Third Truth - Nu Vision
Attention Ascension - Opoetik
Ascension - PepLove
Lyrical Graffiti- Ka Zodiac
Bliss and Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu - Escalier Céleste (Celestial Stairway)
The Key - El*A*Kwents
Eternal Boundlessness - ATMA
3rDimension - Bloody Monk Consortium
Flight of The Navigator - TruthSeekah & Rasul Allah
Innergalactic - Illuminati Congo x Mike Wird x Diles
Ascension Dimension Interlude - Various
Justice - Goddess Alchemy Project
3 Men Marching - 3 Melancholy Gypsies
D.A.R.E. VQ Unstoppable - People Under Th Stairs x DJ Day x Diverse
The Cave - Squil x FalconEye's Magi Shaman freestyle
Some Other Place - Karen Gibson Roc
The Limit - Audiopharmacy
Awakening - Ursula Rucker ft. by 4hero
Immortal Souls - Mystik Journeymen


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