The MAGA Movement is dead... according to the liberal press

Watch Out
Watch Out
03 Jun 2021

⁣Trump boat parade in Jupiter, Florida, underway. Giving him the support he deserves.

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511winter 1 month ago

seriously, if hes supporting vaccines, he, as a world leader, is asking for depop and mass injuries. since the start of fraucci virus, he hasnt watched any alternative medias for thousands of doctors' warnings on the vaccines. since he cant end scamdemic, which is a crime against humanity, he shouldnt run 2024. he hasnt fully started in 2021 yet, now he launching rallies for his 2024 bid. he is now a wrong time, wrong person with a sorros-backed son-in-law who looks as angry as angrybird ACB.

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40_cal 2 months ago

MSM is a joke Has been for a long time

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weldspatter 2 months ago

The left can not get anything RIGHT.

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Lschu1963 2 months ago


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