The Lone Wolf. Original spoken word poetry. Original poem read by the author John Leckrone.

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
03 Apr 2021

The Lone WolfThe man does look around him and sees the dystopian world as it is.He ponders where the world has gone that he knew when he was a kid.Where chaos now is always there, it is in the news today. The propaganda does continue both by night and day.The man does question the world he sees and how people have lost their way.Why does no one see the fight and to the mandates do they say hurray?Where is the world I know and love asks the man like a fish out of water?How is it that a family can no longer safely raise a son and a daughter?The wars are never ending, the trauma so very great!Where is this savior of the world and why is he running late?As the battle rages on the man looks on with such disdain.For it seems a never ending story of killing with no refrain.The psychopaths and warmongers are on the march right now.Who will stop these criminals before whom we humbly bow?A lone wolf in the wilderness, a man with a simple plan.To awaken all the masses to the dangers of demonic hands.The parade of dictators and rulers with iron rods they do rule.Their plans are downright evil and actions are only cruel.How is it so difficult for the slaves to see this brutal truth?That only darkness controls this world and in the minds of the indoctrinated youth.The rivers of blood are running and grow larger every day.What does this here poet have to do and what is it he must say?The lone wolf sees the battle as the fires burn into the night.All the man can only see is might with no concept of right.The order followers are marching with never an end in sight.The people tremble in their wake unwilling or unable to fight.Why is it so difficult to simply say no to this parade of death?What will it take to waken the masses that murderers seek their last breath?The lone wolf looks at the moon and let's out his singular howl.The emptiness of the reply is heard with answers that are only scowls.These masters of the universe have done so very well for themselves.By convincing all the sheeple that they wish to live in this hell.So this lone wolf just ponders what should he do this very day.For it does appear so obvious that the sheep have lost their way.Speaking words and showing truths where none are want to hear.As they tremble with such terror known, never ending trauma and fear.The wolf has no more sympathy for the endless parade of sheep.They will suffer for their ignorance and desire to remain asleep.The enemy is marching and the sacrifice will be so very great.So sheeple know that to your death you are most certainly running late.

Original poem by John Leckrone.All rights are retained.

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