The life within her. Original spoken word poetry. Poem read by the author John Leckrone. Episode 85

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
03 Apr 2021

The life within herShe is a beautiful woman with a very special glow,like a stunning mountain scene covered in fresh snow.I see her there lying in my king size bed.My eyes adore her closely and no words are being said.She does not realize that I study her in so very many ways.Sometimes she does notice me when the sun begins to raise.I listen to her breathing as she sleeps so peacefully.All those years I've known her and the world of her and me.Inside her womb a baby grows every single day.With anticipation we both count the time away.I speak to this little baby through the belly of his mommy.When the baby plays with me and he pushes on her tummy.I love you little baby, you are my precious son.Baby answers me by pushing up on his loving mom.My hand and face are near him, gentle kisses I give with care.Oh my precious little one I so enjoy these times we share.Then I look into the face of this woman that I do love.Giving me such a precious gift that could only come from above.The life within her has brought us together closer than ever before.The family we are building makes me love her so very much more.All these precious memories of so very long ago,seem like just a fantasy as we traveled down life's road.I watched that little boy grow into such a wonderful man.Knowing that this was forever to be the ultimate master plan.So thank you woman for the gifts you gave by loving me so much.All of our sons and daughters born of such a passionate touch.Know that I do love you and that I always will.Even as you're far away and I have swallowed a bitter pill.Thank you for my little ones who bring me so much joy.All those precious babies now an army of girls and boys.Now I close my eyes and I quietly go to sleep.An empty place beside me where you used to be.The life that was inside her are just memories of so very long ago.Just like those little babies, I have also had to grow.Thank you for the memories and the love that you did share.Now too much precious time has passed and life is never fair.I know within my soul a new woman will take her place.How I long to look upon her belly and her beautiful face.In this oh so crazy world that often leaves us lonely and in despair.The new life within the woman makes us so very much aware.The hand that rocks the cradle is said to rule the world.The cycle of life does continue on as the banner of time is unfurled.

Original poem by John LeckroneAll rights are retained.

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