02 Aug 2022

⁣THE LATEST WHITEHAT MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING! 8/02/2022. Joe Biden was on life support and might be deceased, involving a massive cover-up operation. When Trump returns he will abolish the IRS. August is the month of draining the swamp. H.A.A.R.P. is a super powerful geophysical weapon of mass destruction and weather modification. China Dragon family cuts off Rothschilds and the Rockefellers money to the Vatican. Operation "Gotham" was a special military operation to prepare NY for a nuclear attack. The military has been trying to find nukes planted on the east coast by the deepstate for the past 6 months. India moves hundreds of thousands of munitions and MILITARY tanks to the China border. Pakistan military at the border of India practicing drills. Indonesian countries are on high alert. Chinese military battleships are off the coast of Japan. Japanese battleships are off the coast of China. Russian forces are inside Belarus, with nuclear subs in the Baltic sea. Western EU countries lined up along the Russian borders. US east coast is lined with military battleships. Deadly foods in Haiti, Las Vegas US, and Kentucky US. There is a vast military operation liberating humanity from enslavement, this operation is cleaning up a evil matrix of corruption, human trafficking, and toxic mind and body pollution .TR3B secret technology with exotic propulsion. Iraq Troops have been deployed to Baghdad. In the 1800s the US Corp crafted an illegal organization known as the BAR Association. That and alot more in this WHITEHAT ALLIANCE BRIEFING.

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Bludrums56 9 days ago

Check this out...

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pvirtssr 10 days ago

did your so called White Hates tell you that the CIA setting the United States Civil War. lmfao. By the way Trump is the King of the Jews.

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