Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
23 Sep 2021


Luciferian Jesuit Priest attacks Biblical Scriptures in favour of Venusian pseudo-science

Once again we witness a Jesuit attack on the Biblical scriptures. The Earth does not evolve around the Sun at all, the Sun revolves around the Earth. Even half of the vile Jesuit Order knew this and it was proven but the lies had to be pushed in order to hide true-science. If one understands that the Sun revolves around the Earth then one will understand how it is possible to create anti-gravity. The Jesuits are the masters of science both true and false, they feed you what they want you to know and nothing else. Notice how all the observatories are owned by the Jesuit Order. May I remind you that the Jesuits have infiltration all the religions and they are destroying them all including Catholicism. The Jesuits hide behind Catholicism so they could utilize the Roman Empire continuum powers which they took control of from 1814 onwards. Catholicism was far from the minds of the Jesuits after their suppression by the Pope in 1773. The Jesuits also created the Mormon cult and it was the powerful Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ who handled Brigham Young. The vast data held by the Mormons is commanded at the top by The Entity intelligence division of the Jesuit Order. There is no man on Earth which the Catholics and Mormons do not know about or have records on. This cretin George Coyne SJ reminds me of that kiddy fiddling looking Jesuit soldier liar, Guy Consolmagno SJ

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Overwhelming evidence that the pandemic is a crime

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