The Interview That Made Jim Carrey Pay The Ultimate Price *MUST WATCH*

My Americana
My Americana
02 Apr 2022

Published On Mar 2, 2022
What Jim Carrey did on Jimmy Kimmel show that day was the price he had to pay! Find out what really happened to his girlfriend & his career when he tried to mock conspiracies! His Ex-Girlfriend blamed everything on him in her text messages that he was the cause why she took her life. The Real Truth is right in front of us! Be Sure to Like, Share & Subscribe for more documentaries.

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jasonsmith 3 months ago

maybe ... but also maybe he was niot blowing any whistle hence the illumanutty comical bit.. just adding to the mocking of truthers to make it all a big open joke... and his GF couldn't handle all the evil shit they do to kids ect... and was killed or she did end it over seeing what she was forced to see.

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Musiclover 3 months ago

Second try at a comment . I’ve come to realize that nobody can make you do what you haven’t already decided to do . If you want a divorce you’ll get it . If you want to make a go of the relationship you will . If you decide you no longer wish to live . You’ll find a way to end your life . Yet not all apparent suicides are in fact suicide . Jim Carrey did not intend for her to die . I believe he is a victim of circumstances . Until there’s proof of anything different . Don’t judge .

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