The Great Comeback Message Decoded..The Punisher? Sinking Ships? Coded Message From Melania & TR

Julian Irving
Julian Irving
28 Jan 2021

While all eyes were on Donald Trump as he departed the Whitehouse, next to him Melania Trump mouthed a very clear sequence of coded messaging...
She says things like:
Honor thru the storm?
The Pun ish R?...Soon?
The planned N surgent c... sealed those choosing a sinking ship??
Who planned it? Which side? Those who knew chose a sinking ship?! Who knew what??
and when asked about the letter Trump left Joe Biden, Melania says "You'll see..."
The thumbs up Trump is holding up soon turns to a falling hand when asked about the letter he left for Joe...
There's always more going on than it seems...
See The Gunner's Wife unlock the code and share the message of hope that the couple sends clarifying that the exit is hopefully not a longterm goodbye.
What and when will the return be?
Who is the message directed to?
What do you think it all means?
Double Meanings? Which side?
I'll decode, you can decide

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The Great Awakening
The Great Awakening 18 days ago

what a yid joke

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TROOTHSEEKER 4 months ago


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onimbach 9 months ago

I can't get it to play

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Julian Irving
Julian Irving 9 months ago

really what seems to be the problem i could always drop the real link

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