The Ghost. Original spoken word poetry. Original poem read by the author John Leckrone. Episode 184

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
13 Apr 2021


Once upon a time, so very long ago,There was a special woman that I got to know.The things that keep two lovers very far apart.Let me not be troubled for every beat of my heart.I think of her quite often and wonder if she knows,the smile that she does give me in those past echoes.The ghost that is not present with me here today.How I often wonder what she has to say.The words I love to whisper while nibbling on her ear.To hold her close beside me, she has nothing more to fear.Yet in this place, now silence, where she used to be.At least she knows I love her even when her I do not see.Just feel my arms around you and a kiss upon your lips.Do not be discouraged, as my heart beat skips.Know the bond between us is as strong as it can be.A part of you I carry deep down inside of me.

Original poem by John LeckroneAll rights are retained by the author.

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