The Far Left Executes Order 66 | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
20 Jul 2020

⁣Sooner or later, when there's nothing left to eat, the snake will eat its own tail.

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4 months ago

You have spoken the truth of the state of Missouri. (aka Misery) It is very possible that Saint Louis is the greatest underground Masonic city. 90% of South city STL is brick homes, as the North city is more like a war zone with a lot of brick homes, also. STL has been in the top 5 over 20 years or so as the murder capital of this filthy corporation! I - 70, which is the new old route 66 brings the gangs from the west Coast tot he East. The majority of killings is drug crimes! There is a reason the Gateway Arch stands 630', which is perfectly centered with the courthouse. This seems symbolic!

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RoxyTube 1 year ago

This video is the reason I started Roxy Tube. Order 66, videos removed from Evil Tube, no freedom of speech! It's time to wake everyone up! SPREAD THE WORD! If you don't........ THEY win.

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JokerBox 1 year ago

PERFECT! This is what I've been saying all along. Many videos from evil tube were removed. I woke many up luckily. Thanks for spreading the word! Too many people who are asleep will remain that way. We're all born into brainwashing and there are those who can never wakeup. When they're hauled off to FEMA camps, they'll believe it's for the best. IDIOT MORONS!

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