“The Fall of The Cabal” Part 6: “MAJOR MEDIA MANIPULATIONS!”

04 Sep 2021

{I just rewatched the video for the first time since I had first watched & recorded it last year or two. I NEED to deeply apologize b/c it totally slipped my mind regarding the fact that while I was originally watching the video, that when presented with "new SUPER IMPORTANT INFO I desperately NEEDED to help assist me in changing hearts & minds over on Discord, that I had taken actual screenshots while I was recording." Confession: I have a bit of ADD, so I "on random
occassions it will accidently slip my mind that I was in the middle of recording the video. And thst I ahould've waited till after the video to take my screenshots. Deepest apologies if it was a but distracting for anybody who watches the video.} 100%

Now I had originally recorded this particular video last year LONG BEFORE Janet's whole series was edited together into a full 3hr video, back when she had each seperate part ONLY 20 to 30mins long each! I despise CANCEL CULTURE, but the fact that Anderson Cooper is one of these Cabal Elite Members WHO IS A DISGUSTING CANNIBAL along with the rest of 80% of HELLYweird's A-List Celebs but he somehow was able to escape Trumps wrath last year when he began rounding up all these Cabal Elite Celebs (who're are literally) Pawns to The Cabal! Their hubris & egotism & stubborn Pride just won't allow them to face the facts & the real truth of the matter! Anyhoo I degress...Cooper coming from a rich family who can be tied back to some very "interesting bloodties" is astonishing that Trump didn't have the Military Tribunals go put Cooper & Don Lemon on trial & than thrown in GITMO for they're MAJORLY HEINOUS FALSE REPORTING & SLANDER & LIABEL LIES/CONTRIBUTION AGAINST AMERICA BY FANNING THE FLAMES OF THE 2020 RIOTS! Makes me sick to still see that they're STILL ALLOWED TO GO UNPUNISHED for the pivitol roles they both played back in 2020 & even now! SMFH

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