The Covid Scam Exposed

Andrzej M
Andrzej M
07 Oct 2021

⁣Experts (Demonic New World Order stooges) - Disruption Needed to Switch from Egg-Based to mRNA. Nearly 3 years ago these sick people planned this scamdemic.

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Adam 2 months ago

I hope this message helps someone out there. This is becoming more and more evident and most are not recognizing the threat. We may not be able to eliminate it all but I want To Stress the importance of at least trying to do a heavy metal detox even if you haven't had the Fauci Ouchy because we're finding more and more graphene and or heavy metals contaminating our food and water. I haven't taken the Fauci Ouchy but discovered I was magnetic on my collarbone close to my heart and after 5 weeks it seems to be gone using zeolites and NAC. Don't forget the potential for Emf 5G to manipulate and cause harm (possibly kill)to anyone with this stuff inside them. Zeolites is the best in my opinion because it is used to not only detox the heavy metals but also the Radiation toxicity which coincidently mirrors flu like symptoms. Also, it isn't proven to detox graphene but I think if anything can detox graphene the fact that zeolites have a negative charge and porous cage-like structure making it a literal magnetic sponge to trap toxins for removal makes it the best candidate for this. Some suppliers are garbage though so be careful. I trust and use this source in case you're wondering where to find quality zeolites and heavy metal nanoparticle guide visit this page which also contains a video teaching more about zeolites for radiation and heavy metal detox ⁣

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2 months ago

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