The Covid post-vaccine Situation all over the World

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
11 Aug 2021

⁣Covid Vaccines – Saviour or Death? | The Covid post-vaccine Situation all over the World
⁣This unique “almost no talking” (< 1 minute) video presentation covers the COVID post-vaccine situation all over the world. All set to engaging music with eye popping photographs from around the world. More than 30 countries are covered.
Top vaccinated nations – Israel, Seychelles and a new rising star – Fiji
Asia – Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand
India Region – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India
South America – Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay
Western Europe – Portugal, UK
Eastern Europe – Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary
Caribbean – Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago
North America – Canada, USA
In the BONUS section, Australia, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and Sweden are also covered. California in the USA is also covered in more detail.
In this mini video presentation you will learn:
Why Taiwan, Australia & New Zealand have done better than the rest of the world
Climate Change meets COVID. Learn about how weather & environmental factors such as sunlight & air quality, affect case & death levels. Pinpoint explanations provided.
We will revisit Sweden to understand how they have done “worse” than their other Scandinavian neighbors.
Discover the reason behind the highest deaths per capita county in California
An unconventional look at China to see why they have done relatively well.
A secret about all these variants you hear about in the news
Find out about the effectiveness of using multiple vaccines in a country
Learn about why countries around the world peaked in cases / deaths on the SAME day
Learn what kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria quickly and how to maximize it in your own life!
Find out important keys to staying healthy! It’s an engaging global tour in around 20 minutes with an optional near half hour of bonus information!
No complicated explanations! We don’t like boring! Do you think this can all be done elegantly and simply in this amount of time? Find out for yourself! You will learn things in this video that you haven’t seen anywhere else on the Internet.

NOTE: There are 2 very minor errors in the video.
1) Fiji - Channel News Asia news article, it is dated Apr 19th, but the highlighted text block says Feb 19th.
2) Philippines - The chart says vaccination started Apr 28th, when the news article before shows Feb 28th as when vaccines arrived. The chart should say Feb 28th.

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