The Conspiracy Theory of Everything (MUST WATCH)

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
07 May 2021

⁣This is an excellent watch. It truly goes through EVERY thing that contributes to our current state. It is very long, but feel free to download it from odysee and take it in stages. Very informative.

I know when i started down my rabbit holes i realized there really was only a SINGLE CONSPIRACY that little pieces of been leaking all of our lives. Separate, they are easy to dismiss and scoff at. Something else entirely however when you put the pieces together.


THE TRUTH is not for comfort - It's for liberation.
It's not a medicine - It's a killer.
Better to get hurt by THE TRUTH than comforted with a lie.
THE TRUTH will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

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Chouston 5 months ago

I can't get this one to play

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 4 months ago

Really? Try odysee if you still want to watch it... it works for me and others it seems so not sure what the problem is. You shouild watch it it is a very good watch

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Chouston 3 months ago

@Shane St Pierre: thank u and thank u for the important work you do. Your videos are so on point!

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Saintly1 5 months ago

This is why we have scriptures. The truth has always been given to us. Believe. It is all true. The prophets, the miracles, the creation. It is not a big man made "scientific" invention.

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