The Cabal Runs Their Plandemic Every Hundred Years & They Will Blame The Unvaxxed For More Death

Aimless News
Aimless News
29 Jun 2021

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Sources used in video:

Todays truths you're supposed to believe -

The new lie begins -

Wow, Youtube bans left wing hit site, no they reinstated it -

Dem polling must be bad on this, they say repubs want to defund police -

Sweden has gone so woke they are completely blind to reality -

Canada to fine online "hate speech" $16,000 -

WHO says time to mask up again -

This happens every 100 years - 1720 - Bubonic Plague -

1820 - Cholera Pandemic -

1920 - Spanish Flu -

More corruption from the bidens -

Bloodiest weekend in Chicago this year after mayor moonbeam says crime is down -

You probably didn't hear about this school shooter -

No tuna in subway's tuna sandwich -

Good news, govt can't prevent you from have a Flintstones house -

Here's how to handle cnn -

Chillin like a boss -

Steve Inman -

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