The Black Eye Club - Theory 1- Ritualistic Punch

22 Jan 2021

if you ever wonder why most public famous celebrity come up with an eye punch, then watch this video.

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MontyChambers 27 days ago

Every human gets a black eye once in awhile. They just get photographed more the us normies

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cuuub 3 months ago

at 6:27 there is an altered Time Magazine cover image. the real one is here, from 1987:
[hot tip, a mag run dur. the Carter Admin. likely wouldn't have the word, "doxing" on it ?]

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SpiritualbeingofTruth 3 months ago

Heard the Vril.

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ErraticLeeMe 4 months ago

David Icke is a Hero! Legend. There is a different DNA (non human) that controls this world wide hat Icke has exposed and it’s True, what human would structure life the way it is??? None. As far as black eyes! I want to know exactly what that’s about too! But all these fools with their ritualistic black eyes makes sense because everyone want to punch them!!! ?? you/this video sounds like “Jake the ****” from YT??? I was Erratic Lee Me on YT but they deleted my original 5 year old channel???Kunts they Be

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ExcuseMySmooth 6 months ago

I heard a theory about the black eyes being caused by chip implants

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paparazzifreddy 2 months ago

not rue but the chip is now on those covid vaxx

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