The Back To School Hip Hop Special - The Magic Old Skool Bus Ride Thru Music and Miseducation

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
18 Oct 2021

The before and after school special! whether elementary, high or middle school.. A full day of school lessons in rhyme form condensed to less than 2 hrs lyrical cliff notes.. Get Your bus passes ready

Let’s take it back to the halls of classroom indoctrination and outcome-based manipulated education. Classroom teachers, you can let that statement bother you as much as you let it, but if you’re blindly following curricula without questioning the validity of the subject matter and objecting against the false information and philosophies, then what do you expect the outcome of knowledge, understanding and wisdom will be for these young subjective minds who trust your rhetoric without much question? Do you know and teach the Trivium? Quadrivium? Sacred Geometry? Natural Law? Occult science? Conspiracy facts (not theories)? Quantum mechanics? Expanded consciousness? Word etymology? Fabricated History written by the winners/controllers which is just his-story? Dark Occultists who've infiltrated pretty much every institution of society thus control the type and inflow of information, economic systems, technology, resources, politics, medicine, energy, etc?? No, you're handed lesson books and you follow orders of the school district's dictates.. Do you just do this job for the salary? naw, but do you do it for improving the minds of the young who might help bring about a better future? Maybe that's your intention, but do you even consider doing it for Truth, Freedom & Justice? naw, but some of you might think you are but y'all really just need to wake up cuz you are part of the problem by going along with insidious textbook material. of course there's correct information in these common core classes, but it's like any false religion- there's that fine line of truth in there to keep people believing that everything is valid in whatever teachings it may be.. stand up against this fucked up system of dis-education, please

All too often than not, kids are taught what to think, not how to think.. That's mind control, like what the word government literally means.. no wonder that's what we get from gov't public/private schools.. All is mind, which is the first and foremost cosmic principle and this is exactly why education and social engineering is so important to these dark satanic occultists.. They want us to manifest the kind of reality they want, which is what they're getting and money is a huge motivator as well since people are so driven by it and will do anything for it.. they want us thinking a certain way, which will bring about certain behaviors and actions which has led to the human species culling, killing, policing and enslaving themselves since way too fucking long. We gotta flip this ragged ass script

_____ ___ __ _TRACKLIST_ __ ___ _____

Intro- Go Back To School snippet - Pep Love
Magic on the Cool Bus remix - various unknown artists
Get on the Bus - Busdriver ft. Abstract Rude
Bus A Bus on Zearocks - Leaders of The New School (Busta's old crew)
...And I Rock - Biz Markie
School's In - J-Live
The Line Up - C-Rayz Walz ft. Breezly Brewin, J-Treds, MF Doom, Thirstin Howl III, Vast Aire, Wordsworth
Apple Juice Break - Charizma & BP Wolf
Take The Fruit - People Under The Stairs
Turn Up The Bass - Eligh
They Schools - Dead Prez
3rd Period Skipped with another brick in the hall pass
Acknowledge You Own History - Jungle Brothers
Case Of The P.T.A. - Leaders Of the New School (LONS)
You Can't Blame The Youth - Peter Tosh & The Wailers
Strange Arithmatic - The Coup
Scientific Theory - Kool Keith ft. ?
Hardcore Rap 101 - Masta Ace Incorporated
So Many Teachers - Poor Righteous Teachers
My Trash Cans (Sesame St. Custodial Melody) - Earmint
Lunchroom - L.O.N.S.
School Days - Big L
Hey Look At Shorty - Lord Finess
The Wise - Luckyiam ft. Aceyalone & The Grouch
Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonse - L.O.N.S.
A Compressed Recess of Edutainment
School - Masta Killa ft. RZA
7 Years Wandering - Eligh ft. Murs
Last Ditch Effort - Anacron
A TRUentSEE Interlude
The Onus - Pep Love ft. Tajai
French Toast - 3rd Bass
School's Almost Over Intermission
Ya Know The Rules - KRS1
Speak It Like A Prophet - Elusive ft. The Grouch
B.O.O.K. - Beyond
Intro Side B - Bicasso

see you next semester

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Hi Guys…… Did you know Most of the People lose their Jobs because of the
pandemic and many people facing difficulty to live and to feed their family without a proper job in these days.....

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