The 7 Natural Law Principles - Hermetically Sealed Conscious Hip Hop Video Mix ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
15 May 2022

Another experimental musical video project about Natural/Universal/Cosmic Law. This time we're going in sequence thru the 7 Hermetic Principles with 1-2 tracks & cuts devoted to each Natural Law Principle with countless visual aids. I'm letting the music play in this one without throwing in additional quotes, so we're gonna see how much this music alone can teach (ok, so i put in 1 or 2 aside from the original track samples and also had to for the last track, but it's the bonus ;) not every lyric is accurate, but overall it's pretty on point.

TRACKLIST ("--" = song title and artist)
--Intro - Powers of Nature (snippet) - DJ Bizarro
old skool 4trak cut from Bicasso who hints at what's to come in this mix.. Heed the 7 laws/principles of nature/spirit.

--All is Tantra - Illuminati Congo
a song to set the stage for the mental.. all is tantra, all is energy, all is mind
--Use My Mind (snippet) - KA Zodiac
full track used in a previous mix called "One Time 4 The Mind"- the dude's a supreme lyricist with more cool videos here on yt.
--Universe Will Provide (snippet) - Eligh
speak your mind with purposeful intent, affirm it, and the universe will provide in syncronistic ways that will amaze.
--InstruMENTAL (snippet) - Dereliks
"it's essential that you understand the lyrical potential"

-As Above So Below - Nu Vision
just came across these guys who dropped a very intriguing album last month.. i hear some distortions with some things they convey, but it's overall on some higher conscious next level rapping shit.. second time i heard a rhyme referencing Hermes Trismegistes, which was on my sampling wish list, so cheers to that.. they are also appealing to the Principle of Polarity here. the thing is, these principles compliment themselves, work together and overlap or transcend with each other in many cases. Many of them "correspond to this 2nd principle
-- Hermetic Dreams - Twee-ze
Not my favorite, but pretty good.. talking about how we can’t have light without dark might be a misperception however, and again, that’s more about polarity than correspondence.

Check the vibe y'all
--Vibe Surround - Esoin
--Shumann Resonance (Re-fix) - Sun of Saturn x El*A*Kwents

go with the flow amigo, don't always listen to your ego.. the ebb and flow can be fast or slow- might depend on how you go or know and avoid the distractive rigamarole.. energy, thoughts, and actions can have a push and pull effect..
--Nothing Changes - The Grouch..
find that rhythm within you, pick that pace up, ride that wave of energy and move to the beat of your heart chakra.

not quite the same as duality, since people say dark vs light, hot vs cold, etc.. what if there's just an absence dark or light/hot or cold? now we see things a lil differently and we can better recognize the extremities of these dualities.
-- Sound is Light - El*A*Kwents
this one is more about the battle waged between the polar opposites of consciousness: light & dark, good & evil, knowledge vs ignorance.. we're all about shattering ignorance here

quite simple and self explanatory right!? people seem to want to look at the effects in their diagnosis of whatever problem they wish to solve instead of the root cause of those undesired effects.
-- Cause and Effect - Gangstarr
from 1989 and still sounds fresh with consciousness
just live in harmony with Natural Law- don't steal, do no harm, but take no shit
This principle can be very underestimated and misunderstood. The main thing to keep in mind is that there are both archetypal consciousness traits of masculine and feminine found in creation.
--2 People
cuz that's what it takes to create life in this 3D reality. big ups to all the single parents making it happen consciously on their own tho!
--What is Gender - Kalki
this track is a mind blower but needs to be distinguished between what he's talking about and the socially engineered transgender agenda, which is not natural and full of manipulation, orchestration, perversion and inversion which is an assault on the sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies.

Concluding Tracks
Wouldn’t Be Shit - Brotherz Grimm
wouldn't be shit without my music? don't take that literal, i interpret it as one's music within themselves in the sense of their frequency and art of life with whatever they do and the positive vibes it creates..
The Principles - BMAC Mastermind
a pretty good way to wrap things up from a distant friend, but wait!

--Sunshine - Audiopharmacy x Mark Passio
catch that light and make the darkness conscious- within yourself first and foremost, then bring it outward.. but you have to want it, you have to care enough to want to make that change & actually put in a lot of time and work to make it happen.
--One Life One Love - Hieroglyphics


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