The 5G Virus and Fear Based Programming

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
26 Jul 2021

⁣The 5G Virus & Fear Based Programming

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Art_Holland 2 months ago

Reducing the world population to 500 million means that the 500 million in all likelihood are the lead billionaires of the world rolling in the New World order; which raises the question who does all the work? With Bill Gates leading the research on transferring human thought to artificial intelligent robots there bye presumably hopefully leading to the leads living forever there’s also means that AI or artificial intelligence are the new slaves doing all the work. They may think they have gotten around the biblical prophecy that all must die but they have not answered the ultimate question of the end and destruction of the entire cosmos. I have often looked into the heavens and envisioned what it would be like for the entire cosmos to be burned to nothingness were the elements themselves are completely destroyed. This to me, the great flame on , Would be the literal and visual embodiment of the lake of fire. This the New World order Cabal cannot and will never escape. God will not be mocked.

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