THE 1918 SPANISH "FLU" - Understand your history before you repeat it!

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
09 Jul 2021


Understand your history before you stupidly repeat it!

It is of vital importance to see and understand how every aspect of the covid scamdemic was invented, tested, rolled out then lied about during the this pivotal event. It was the De Facto practice run for COVID! Same Agenda, same tools, same order of events... It set the whole stage for this 'covid bullshit' [worldwide takeover enslavement of humanity]. Without it they could not have possibly placed us in this predicament.

They INVENTED all the medical fallacies they are using to strangle the world. [Viruses, contagions, pandemics, epidemics, lockdowns, vaccines and worldwide pandemics]

1 The "Spanish Influenza" was 100% caused by the fancy new serum they the elite decided to inject into returning soldiers and then the rest of the population. Ostensibly out of boredom and desire to see what happens
2 The injected people got sick and either died, or didn't die. The ones who didn't die and were resilient to the 'serum' were blamed for 'spreading' dangerous infections to other people. The viral contagion myth is born.
3 The leadership closed stores, schools and businesses, said everyone needed to wear masks as dangerous spreaders of disease, and stay in their homes or be arrested. he Lockdown myth was born, though never called that.
4 People wised up to the fact that only those injected with the serum ever got the 'virus' or died. People stopped taking the serum.
5 Said Serum shipped to all other third world countries like none of steps 1-4 happened and the entire scenario played out again in several countries, then the world. Dangerous worldwide pandemic myth born.
6 The Medical Establishment was then instructed to ignore the "Koch Postulates", and using this "outbreak" as the shining example, instruct everyone to fear dangerous contagious viruses. The vaccine myth was born.

This whole event has nearly been forgotten and the only way we know any of this is through resilient people who took the risk to document the truth.

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