⁣TELL US YOUR STORY [Terry & Alyssa]

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
11 Jan 2022

⁣TELL US YOUR STORY [Terry & Alyssa]


This channel is dedicated to sharing your story. Everyone has been impacted by the Con-Vid19 Lie - Plandemic – The Great Reset. The world is upside down. So many of us are unable to share our stories, we have lost so much. For this channel a story will be defined as occurrence, incidents or events that has happened to you. EMAIL us and we will read your story. A story can be about employment loss, vaccine story, business encounter/loss, happenstances with the crazies who swallow the narrative. You are important, your story is IMPORTANT. This channel has two primary goals. One, to get our stories out in the universe. It may help to unload, and log your story for the record. Two, we plan to add content to assist in the effort to wake others up. My partner is deaf, the only platform that has closed captioning is youtube; we hope to get this message out to the deaf community and hearing people. When we grow, we can establish a community of individuals to share, plan and create new, and better stories. Email your story to: tellusyourstory@use.startmail.com >>>Please indicate if we may use your name. Thank you. [Terry & Alisa]

Thank you note to: The Facts HowToHunt & RichiefromBoston. We don’t know these content creators, but my encouragement was found there because they specialize in truth & integrity.

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jpbrooks 4 months ago

Hi Guys, your not alone. former law enforcement from Mass, now in NC.

wanted to share some strange things happening in Walmart parking lots. Two videos now. One in Fl and another in TX. Hundreds of birds sitting on the cars acting very strange.

Stay safe!

Jeff and Vicki

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