T C Fry Interview The Great AIDS Hoax The Myth of Contagion


you should never believe satan. swine, spanish, zeka, haunta, rabies... do killer bes actually exist? freemasons push it. rv shows, scripts... i dont believe inkiller bees. they said they are in america. and by now, we would have a major problem. no such thing as aids, or corona or covid. BUT YOU BELIEVE.. REMEMBER WHEN THAT GUY BOUGHT THE RIGHTS TO THAT AIDS MEDICINE AND JACKED UP THE PRICE TO UNREALISTIC PRICES???? THEY WERE LAUGHING AT YOU. THOSE WHO FREAKED OUT.. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WITH AIDS?? They wanted the threat. But the more things you realize DO NOT EXIST... The LESS you NEED your satanic masters for. They can be replaced. It's prophecy.

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