Supply Chain Problems Are Self-Inflicted Liberal Utopia Policies Turning To Sh*t

Aimless News
Aimless News
16 Oct 2021

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Sources used in video:

Sundance gets the scoop on the real problem in Commiefornia -

Reminder, mass non-compliance is how this ends -

Don't back down yellow bellies -

Stand your ground and they will back down -

Covid relief funds makes you obligated to get vaxxed -

CNN does damage control for castrated doctor Gupta -

I was joking but it's actually real -

Maybe the democrats should have bricks smashed over their heads -

Todays stupid story, this is what people are upset about -

False flag saber rattling by republicans -

Beware of dems wanting to improve social media -

If hilary is for it, run the other way -

How is this following science or for your health -

Liberal mental incompetence on full display, it's science -

Bare shelves Biden -

Don't forget some milk for me -

Steve Inman -

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cccnokc 2 months ago

Great work as always. Thank You & God Bless ??

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