Study Shows Fauci & CDC Killed People On Purpose, When Do We Respond?

Aimless News
Aimless News
29 May 2021

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Sources used in video:

Fauci caused all the deaths -

More medicine suppression -

Once you've had it, you're immune -

Same guy who covered up 9/11 -

Want a civil war, just do this -

Fauci and Gates ar being exposed -

Socialism kills always -

Dems used to say hacking machines was easy -

What are they afraid of -

Postal worker admits dumping ballots -

Fines refunded in Michigan -

Idaho Lt Gov lifts mask mandate -

How would he know what truth is -

Bayer tries to pull a fast one -

Gun free Sweden tops list of shootings -

All Presidents related -

Prince phillip and his will -

Steve Inman -

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Bendover 4 months ago

Even if they show video of fauci handing money to the wuhan lab we all know nothing will happen to that puke. Biden will pardon him and he will be free to go anywhere with all the dirty money. He played his part very well. He’s held as a hero, has a song about him and he got millions of people to roll up their sleeves. Let’s see what happens to all these people. Gates has been screaming the world is overpopulated. I’m betting he’s still orgasming knowing he got the old and he’s gonna get the young’s wombs. He couldn’t have asked for more AND he’s getting millions of dollars for the vaccine.

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apey252 6 months ago

Thank you for posting all those links!! Great information!

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yousilencedme 6 months ago

Proof China Is Americas Biggest Threat

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6 months ago

I will share! Most will think I am a conspiracy theory nut, as you know already know this. Thanks, Jeffrey for keeping us informed!

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Thoth001 6 months ago

I think people that look into conspiracy theories are smarter then the average person, and we ask questions. So don't be afraid to be proud of being a conspiracy theorist:)

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Syx D.
Syx D. 5 months ago

@Thoth001: Indeed!!

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