Spirals Freaking Out the People in NZ. How does this fit Rev. 9

Final Days Report SJWellFire

⁣How do these spirals fit the end of days? Are they portals? Lets talk seals and revelation 9 for we are in the end of days. I had a dream about spirals being covered up with chemtrails.
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jasonsmith 2 months ago

dude come on... if you truly believe in GOD then respect him and see his world the way he made it... its flat and inclosed ... so any sign in the sky IS NOT A PLANET... its a celestial sign only... its not even a debate if the world is flat or as satanist nasa say... you can test this with your own 2 eyes ... ITS FLAT... you disrespect all you stand for when you sprout there satanist propaganda... i love ya stuff but grrrrr painful.

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