SPD send 10 police officers to arrest a preacher reading his Bible in a public park

30 Jun 2022

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FCC commissioner calls for Apple & Google to ban TikTok An FCC https://bit.ly/3QViXmb
Liberal Cabinet Members Cannot Answer Questions Due To Cabinet Confidence https://bit.ly/3noDsKm
You Will Eat Air and Be Happy (MAKING FOOD FROM THIN AIR) https://bit.ly/3bm84JI
Candidate Krystle Matthews Uses Racially Charged Language While Encouraging Illicit Campaign Tactics and ‘Sleepers…To Run as Republicans’ https://bit.ly/3noiY4G
Scientists: Edible Plants Being Altered To Carry mRNA Vaccine Payload https://bit.ly/3yqATxY
Joe Biden unwittingly helped finance Hunter's trysts with Russia-linked escorts https://bit.ly/3xXf7jF
MIT Scientist, LINKS COVID VAXX AND SEVERE DISEAS… https://bit.ly/3y1GObn
Radical protesters *BUSTED* making threat against a Supreme Court justice https://bit.ly/3HXXpBu
Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt issues opinion, ends abortion in Missouri https://bit.ly/3bp5Xoz
Collateral damage study: Lockdowns claimed 170,000 lives in the U.S. alone https://bit.ly/3NpDpsm
⁣The planned oil shortage called out at hearing https://bit.ly/39OMOMf
The NWO (New World Order) prepares their final attack https://bit.ly/3OlR8lu
gain of function monkey pox https://bit.ly/3ycKjgl
Tesla ex-worker rejects $15M payout in race bias lawsuit https://bit.ly/3tZq7fm
Kremlin spokesman says Americans captured in Ukraine committed ‘crimes’ https://bit.ly/3bp4QFg
PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE https://bit.ly/3blBis8
The arrival of central bank digital currencies within five years https://bit.ly/3HNXXtl
Former US Congressman Larry McDonald's final interview https://bit.ly/3HLMRVL
Gab CEO Andrew Torba Says Christians Need To Embrace The Metaverse https://bit.ly/3OA0ERF
Pope Francis resigning? Catholics wait with bated breath as rumors swirl https://bit.ly/3AbhXof
Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites https://bit.ly/3HEfe8a
7 Men Found Dead in Popular Mexico Tourist Area With Gang Warning Messages Written on Corpses https://bit.ly/3n7wM3r
French court orders 4G turn off after 40 cow deaths https://bit.ly/3zC3NMr

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This is so disgusting but not surprising. the world has turned to the devil for it inspiration and hope

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Jesus said we Believers in HIM, would be persecuted! Are you saved from going to the lake of fire? Who gets your Soul, GOD or satan? Salvation is a Free Gift from GOD and all GOD wants is your Faith, from all your Heart, IN The Death, Shed BLOOD, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus The Christ to pay for all your sins in full, be Holy Baptized with the Holy Spirit, be Sealed to GOD forever and have Eternal Life Forever and ever and ever...
Love, Shed BLOOD of Jesus Christ!

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