Spacebusters Part 1 - The Truth

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
09 Apr 2021
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glenmuise 4 months ago

rOKERFELLER MEDICINE IS TAKING DOWN SOCIETY. My dr. who I know personally, told me when I was sick with the flu last nov. that the lab would not and could not test for antibodies. I go him to write a lab request and showed up for a antibody test. The lab mgr. went ballistic like she was carrying the weight of the world and could do nothing as it went against all her training but could not or would not test me. I made a joke of it and kept a copy of the lab request on my phone. I have been off all Rockefeller medication for just 1 year and my health along with the red pill has improved greatly. I am 66 , i had a bypass surgery in 2000, then a heart attack in 2017. I have since gone dirty keto and lost 39 lbs in 6 mos. THC only

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RoxyTube 6 months ago

GREAT VIDEO! What I've been saying for months. perfect.

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