Something Marxist This Way Comes | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
23 Jul 2020

⁣The Burning Looting Murderers and Anti****s finally
admitted what we already knew: They are Marxists who want to destroy the
United States. It's time to lock and load.

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Hunter W
Hunter W 4 months ago

I REFUSE to go tribal. I refuse to hate. But I feel ya..and this is exactly what they are trying to do. Trump is nuts but he's on track about Antifa & BLM.
Don't fall for those groups folks. They want to take down our govt.

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Evada 4 months ago

Sounds like the novel "Flood Tide" the dates in the book add up to begin 2021 -

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Braintank 4 months ago

Hard times are coming everywhere!

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ReddDawn 4 months ago

keep spreading the word my man...

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Darkness 4 months ago

Let's hope it doesn't happen but be warned! SPREAD THIS VIDEO! People need to wake up. Many have, but those who haven't...sheep, never will. If you can't see by now what has been happening, covid hoax, social distancing (A virus doesn't jump like a tick) stupid masks that protect you from nothing, george floyd death hoax, killer wasps (that didn't work), asteroid heading to earth (that hoax didn't work), planned riots, planted bricks by acme brick co. with IL governor and against-the-people-criminal Pritzker (criminal and fat ass), BLM (who will money fund an issue like's for funding the lefties.)

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