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My Americana
03 Dec 2021

Published On Dec 1, 2021

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MustardSeeds 8 months ago

SAME GANG MADE THEM THAT DOES THIS...this viability issue >be on guard America, wake up< they want us a sleep at the wheel, to pass this one by, do not let them, THIS IS A FETAL HARVESTING PROGRAM no other reason to argue viability except to set a precedence to justify a sick sadistic macabe inhumane degradated practise they developed; these cruel people want to say humans are ..usable commodities for their body and human organ trafficking, get and use the crown law/medical massive defense funds/ cyberinterfaces/ military and other sick practices, hiding it ? trillions go into these agendas so as to get to this. they want to normalize fetal tissue use as if not what it is ,with them... not follow innate human law... no animal harvests its own kind just the one's, 3rd highest elects and private money others, pelosi is in, g rates .. f auci funds like GOF 60% of the federally funded fetal harvesting program. .this is for Sales products.. for mad scientists and cyber kings wanting to advance to nano medicine and cyberlinks; to your brains thoughts ect.. make their AI like us.. be afraid they are serious... what ever they think of, to serve them saying it serves us gives us better products cheaper.. no they do not or ever or from a sick maliced mind who thinks kie beso or the boys doing that junk, international alliance sell out their homeland people; .. new pharma, do not buy their sales pitch.. .dissecting and selling these ..who does that.. jack the RPERRRRRRRR's.. stand down guys.. you are sick bastards. we need to stop the ..industry,, shocking Pittsburgh UNI. website pics ..unless pulled..NO MYSTERY.. PUT UP A WEDSITE TO ATTRACT ACCESS CUSTOMERS, OTHER UNIVERCITIES AND SCIENTIST. .MEDICAL DOCTORS DO THIS.. THE MNEDICAL ASSOCIATION SHOULD BE SUED AND ANY ONE SIGNING ON OR FIGHTING VIABLITY NOW.... IMPORTANT... IT IS TO LIE THEY ARE NOT USEFUL IF NOT VIABLE DEAD TISSUE.. NOT WHEN YOU WHOREMONGERS WANT THEIR DNA .. CRISPER SPLICING NEUROLOINKS .. WE ARE NOT READY; you heathens not mature enough as human beings to not go there in this verbal rhetoric *A HISTORICAL DEGRADATION, TAKEOVER OF OUR ECONOMY; THE INNER SANCTUMS OF OUR HOMES USING OUR PERSONAL DEVICES AND SOCIAL MEDIA, FOR MORE INDUSTRY USE WE FIND OUT TO KIDNAP CHILDREN CONTROL BUSINESS AND LITERALY USURP OUR ECONOMY ANYEWAY THEY WANT, WITH MILITARY CONTRACTS TO HELP SURROUND THEM AND THEIR ANONIMITY, SHAMELESSLY WITH THE CHINESE; SURVIELANCED FOR YEARS, THEIVES WITH PRYING EARS AND EYES US AND WANT US TO SUBMIT TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING AT IT'S HIGHEST AND MOST DISGUSTING FORM AND LEVEL AND UNIMAGINABLE USES; VERMIN ON THE PLANET AND OFF, MUST GO NOW, GOD'S TEMPER IS UPON US ..THIS VERY THING SHOWS THE DESTRUCTION OF A NATION IS ..BY SLIGHT OF HANDS AND on not how to use a fetus but when is it not viable then you can use it ..double blind talk to DEVELOP AN INDUSTRY; 5 MILLION MISSING KIDS A YEAR SAYS SOMETHING FOR THAT INDUSTRY IN THE $BILLIONS$ - IF NOT TRILLIONS$ NOW.. BE NOT FOOLED OR LISTEN TO THE FOOLS LIES.AND YOU ARE LAW BREAKERS.. MODERN DAY MONSTERS TO PUSH FOR AN INDUSTRY BASED ON THIS.. WELL YES THEY ARE, OUR ANCESTRY, GOD TAKES CARE OF OUR UNWANTED, UNBORN OR TRAGICLY LOST..ALL OF THEM HE RECONCILS OUR SOULS WITHIN OURSELVES BEFORE HIM, I KNOW, WE MUST THEN RECONCILE WITH WHO WE ARE,THAT IS NO EASY FEAT FOR ANY SOUL LEAVING THIS WORLD, WITH OURSELVES AND WHAT ELSE WE BELIEVE IN SURRENDER INTO TRANSITION, DEATH TO HERE AWARE OF OUR WHOLENESS OR LACK OF IT, SEE SOME NEAR DEATH VIDEOS PROFOUND EXPERIENCES OF WALKING WITH GOD OR JESUS..OR THE HELLS, THEY DON'T GET TO DIE AND COME BACK AND WITNESS WHAT THEY SAW, I CROSSED OVER I KNOW WHAT I SAW, I WANTED TO SHARE THIS TOO FOR A LESSON I LEARNED AND HEARD OVER AND OVER AGAIN WE DO; AND KNOW WHY, WE DO, HE DOES, people who crossed over and came back the man dead like 11 hours or something, UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE; was shown this.. ALL THOSE CHILDREN SO LOST OR BY MISFORTUNE, CHILDREN WERE GROWING FASTER AND IN A SPECIAL KIND OF LIGHT PLACE HE ASKED ABOUT HE WAS TOLD IT WAS A NURSERY OF SORTS WHERE THE CHILD WERE KEPT IN HIS CARE, VERY BIBLICAL, FULL OF LITTLE BEINGS; It is in GOD'S PRESENCE who DOES NOT, it is us who knows judges ourselves and must live with that too, it changes people, pray for people, we must and need to change stand up to get revelation, of this horrid industry they are trying to sneak past us in these legal battles, what on earth are they doing, pray they too WILL, AS we see the wrong..

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