Snapchat SUCKS!

23 Nov 2021

Never installing Snapchat again.

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DISCLAIMER: All the content that I upload to this channel is meant only as satire and comedy. I have no ill will towards anyone I talk about in my videos. Please do not attack anyone or anything I talk about.
Tnx :)

Snapchat is a mobile app for Android and iOS and a social network that blew up in 2014/2015 with mostly younger userbase. The signature feature of Snapchat are posts called stories. Stories are images with (optionally) added text, emoji, bitmoji or drawings that only last for 24 hours and disappear after the time is up. Similar concept was applied to direct messages named 'snaps' where both text and pictures disappeared after being viewed once. Snapchat really became popular with their advanced face filters, most infamously the Snapchat Dog Filter.

Despite the initial success, Snapchat's popularity seems to be dipping and more and more people are deleting their Snapchat accounts and uninstalling the app. In this video I briefly go over what Snapchat has become since it's beginning and list off reasons why people seem to hate Snapchat and are no longer willing to use it. The people and things I used as sources for this Snapchat rant are me, my friends and some articles and statistics. These reasons are mostly unsolicited pictures of people's private parts, Snapchat's horrible user interface, unrewarding experience that Snap score does nothing to fix, spamy discover page and of course: other better social media platforms copying the concept of stories (Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Messenger's My Day, Twitter Fleets..). The overly transient nature of everything on Snapchat soon became unappealing and with nearly every other platform implementing stories and face filters Snapchat lost it's place in 2020. Is Snapchat a dead platform? Yes. And I can't say I miss using it.


Pretty dark down here huh? ◉_◉

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