Simulation #711 David Weiss — Flat Earth

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
24 Jun 2021

This is a hallmark of emotionally intelligent conversation leading to sense-making.
By giving David space to share his world view, we arrived at fascinating solutions.
I hope this brings you great value and acts as a landmark moment for society.

David Weiss is Founder & Host of The Flat Earth Podcast.
He's also Creator of the Flat Earth Sun Moon and Zodiac Clock App.

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Midas1212 3 months ago

Your flat earth insanity needs to stop. The planet is NOT FLAT. There is no ice wall around a flat earth and space exists especially between anyone's ears who fall for this bunk.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 3 months ago

Agree to disagree friend. May i suggest you skip these videos? Although to be honest I don't think I will be posting any more videos, I think i posted everything I wanted to already.

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