Sheep found dead now

19 Jun 2022

Sheep found dead now. Slowly their plan is maybe coming together. Fake virus scares for lockdowns and compliance, food shortages, high gas prices, crashing stock market daily - not in years has the market crashed so far and continues to do so, pushing "vaccines", constant lies. Better get ready to stand against the evil like our ancestors did. It's us against them. Better start working together instead of hating each other, which is what they want....division amongst the people.

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Suzie Etc.
Suzie Etc. 2 months ago

This is awful! Yes, we need to stick together, support each other, and fight together! Together We Stand! Divided We Fall! Love Conquers All!

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Peggy 2 months ago

And I Amin fear of an estimated 50 judges and attorneys who robbed our families inheritance and held us hostage for 15 years juggling 25 years of overlapping malicious prosecution. I’m afraid these judges are gonna kill me and there’s nowhere to turn.

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Mark Alan King
Mark Alan King 2 months ago

which is what they want....division amongst the people.... all people of all colors and ethnic backgrounds need to unite against the Zionist Cabal Jews

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jasonsmith 2 months ago

i think its safe to say now that there "followers" are dedicated to them and unfortunatly number in the millions if not billions... many have chosen satans world over God and Jesus sadly.

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