Shadow Govt Being Taken Down, Lab Grown Meat Won't Work & Engineered Healthcare Crisis

Aimless News
Aimless News
08 Oct 2021

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Sources used in video:

Chinese communist scum, who gave this bitch authority over anything -

Lab grown meat is just like green energy, it just won't work -

Engineered healthcare crisis ahead of vaxx die off -

Maria Zack, President of Nations In Action offered $5 million euros -

Sweden and Denmark pause vaccine to young people -

There is NO science behind mask mandates -

More evidence of the plandemic -

Kovid, the masked project runway, april 2019 -

More evidence it's all fake -

2nd time Lt governor passes EO while governor is out of state -

False Flag whistleblower story just keeps getting better -

Get ready for the massive showdown on abortion -

The demons have infiltrated every aspect of society -

Pedophiles being exposed, it's worldwide -

R Kelly trying to shorten jail time, wants to sing like canary -

Chinese nuclear scientist "falls" off building -

Careful what you search for, google is part of the govt -

UCLA requires vaxx for remote learning -

Being a prepper is the way of nature -

Here's how you hunt for lobster -

Steve Inman -

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gdcskates 1 month ago

SOYLENT GREEN. People eating people.

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