Sex Trafficked Child Says Obama & Biden Raped Her & China Owns Our Government

Aimless News
Aimless News
12 Nov 2021

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Sources used in video:

Stew Peters Show, Ally Carter says Obama & Biden raped her -

Dr. Berg explains Vitamin D recommendations -

Biden can't be serious with this -

China has infiltrated every aspect of our govt -

US totally infiltrated by CCP -

Greta's handler is a Rothschild, shocker -

Just dumb down the system even more -

The elites don't have to follow their own rules -

Is there more to Baldwin shooting, asking for conspiracy theorist friend -

CNNs wanker calls someone else an idiot -

You thought this was going away, think again -

At what point do people start to figure it out -

I wonder what is different this year that athletes are dropping dead -

How will they explain all the infants in hospitals -

NY Times 2010 Pfizer gives details on payments to doctors -

They may have found something that will entice you to get the vaxx -

Plumber hooks up wrong pipes -

The Patriots are the bear cub -

Steve Inman -

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