Secret Covenant of the Illuminati | Evil Agenda

25 Feb 2021

Credit odd tv
⁣What you hear in this video, now known as "The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati" surfaced on the web in 2002. Sent from a broken email address to someone that ran (or possibly still runs) a conspiracy info website. Some conspiracy researchers believe that this secret covenant was written by a member of the Illuminati. Others, including me, believe anyone could have wrote this and it most likely wasn't anyone from a secret society. We could be wrong, but the fact is that, this is exactly what's happening.

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RoxyTube 2 months ago

Great video! PERFECT! This has been talked about for years and is now surfacing, with people waking and the internet being a great medium to share!

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Kelly0724 2 months ago

Very good video. Breaks my heart all the people willing to get the jab.

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Michellea 2 months ago

Exactly what is and has been happening !!!!!

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Cindycindy1967 2 months ago

Im seeing more of this is right in front of our faces if you know wat to look for.informative video.thx for sharing.

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