Scientist Describes The Mark Of The Beast Technology In Vaccines

30 Nov 2021

⁣This message is only meant to inform and possibly help people!! Have you seen the direct energy weapons videos lately? Well imagine scaling down a bit and what you have is 5G people they can target acquire and lock on to you and zap us like bugs. Think its crazy if you want but it should be obvious to anyone looking at this objectively. Let's look at the word coronavirus of which corona is defined as the radiant crown around the sun which is literally the origin of radiation and the word virus in latin means poison so coronavirus=radiation poison or look up corona effect if you don't believe me. So you think this may explain why they are putting a superconductor (graphene) in everything from the Fauci ouchy to the meat and cereal in the grocery store, the masks, and who knows what else. They do this because it amplifies the EMF radiation poison and other negative effects. I need to get this info out because recently I discovered my chest was magnetic and I haven't had the shot. This was not funny to me like so many people seem to think. So a nanoparticle detox should be an obvious protocol for EVERYBODY to minimize the amount of this nano inside us because ALL of us are full of this crap and we're under attack from every direction. If you don't recognize these facts you might just end up a casualty in this war and it is a war both biological and psychological war has been secretly and openly been declared on you and me. I hope this helps anyone not aware.I personally use these people and I trust them because it works or I wouldn't recommend them. This is where I found the best zeolite supplier. Be vigilant people this isn't a joke or theory and be careful where you get any products because we don't know what is contaminated with this nano or graphene.

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CrazyOldeMarge55 2 months ago

For more Bluetooth info go to vaxxed trifecta 8/21\21 Shane st.Pierre on roxytube

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 2 months ago

its all coming out now...

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