Roger Tolces Bio-Coded Directed Energy Voice to Skull (V2K) Transmissions via DNA Resonance

24 May 2021

Based on patented voice-to-skull (V2K) technology originally proposed to help the deaf hear, bio-coded directed energy is specifically tuned to an individual's DNA algorithm and can be used to make that person hear voices, The perpetrators are setting up a standing wave of DNA, then doing slight variations in the phasing using pulse code modulation.

A neural processor wirelessly links to the human brain using the resonant frequency of a Targeted Individual's DNA. It is composed of an oscillator that is attached to an antenna and a receiver, the oscillator is designed so that it can write/erase multiple resonance states . A wireless resonant non-radiative power transfer ensures reliable communication even when the noise amplitude is more than the signal. DNA has a unique property in that its frequency can not easily be changed by external noise. Even under massive noise, these resonant frequencies act as an attractor during synchronization, when the system is dragged away, this basic natural property pulls the system back to the particular frequency state. Therefore, modulating the natural frequency of DNA and harnessing its advantages are keys to creating a Cybernetic Global Brain to Quantum computer interface.

Roger Tolces is a Los Angeles private investigator who specializes in electronic countermeasures. In the past thirty years he has swept over 2500 locations for bugs and wiretaps. In recent years his business has included helping victims of electronic harassment and mind control. Electronic harassment takes place if someone uses any electronic device to aid them in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing physical harm. Mr. Tolces uses over $100,000 of high-tech equipment to try to identify the sources of electronic harassment.

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