Retired F-16 Pilot - Earth is Flat

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
14 Jun 2021

Retired F-16 Pilot - Earth is Flat

"I have a bit of knowledge from my days as an F-16 pilot that I need to share with someone. I respect your work and thought you might be another great person to pass this to. I don't have, nor do I want a platform, so here you go. If you decide to verify what l'm telling you and have questions, feel free to contact me here. This will be tough to illustrate with words but I'll try.

The F-16 has a radar called an APG-68 (at least it did 18 years ago when I last flew it!).
The radar, in air-to-air mode, has the ability to scan forward plus or minus 60 deg of the nose (120 deg) plus a back and forth elevation selectable of 1, 2, or 4 bars or rows. In other words, in 1 bar it simply sweeps, level relative to the aircraft bank, back and forth at the same elevation. In 2 bar it sweeps all the way then drops a certain amount to sweep back, thereby doubling the volume of airspace searched. In 4 bar it does this twice, doubling it again. Think of the radar beam as pointing a flashlight. The elevation of the sweeps are pilot controllable.

The pilot can tell what the elevation of the sweeps are in the display. At the cursor position the top and bottom altitudes of coverage are displayed at the range of the
cursor and this altitude is controllable with the El Strobe (a little wheel on the throttle). We use this because if my search responsibility is 10,000' and above, I can roll up and cover my area more efficiently. I know this is probably as clear as mud, but bear with me. Obviously, you can determine the width of the sweeps at
various ranges of your search. In other words, the distance between the sides of the scope. If I run the cursor out to 80 miles, Isosceles triangle math gives you 138 miles from side to side. Curvature math gives you a hump on my nose of 12,700'. In other words, if I roll up to search 10k and above and set that in the center of the scope, l'd be 22,700 and above on the sides of my scope, right? Well, not in
practice. ifI run my cursor out to any distance, the display shows the same on left side, middle and right. So, my conclusion is the engineers are going to get fighter pilots shot down because they didn't take into account the curvature of the earth. Bastards! Or, the earth is flat."

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6060842 2 months ago

I am stumped on this one, there are way to many more important issues to focus on at this point in history.

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RoxyTube 1 year ago

keeping an open mind. I wonder WHY the "sun moves" but the stars NEVER DO. That leads me to think only one thing is moving....the sun. Why do the stars NEVER move like the sun and moon appear to do?

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 1 year ago

Yup too many facts on either side for me to say either side is crazy, the only thing i DO KNOW is NASA ****ing lies....

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