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Smoke & Mirrors
01 Oct 2021

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pepper100 2 months ago

What is Didulo doing.? I had a lot of faith in her.I'd like to do something to your Prime Minister and call it an emergency !!!(pd)

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 2 months ago

people seem to be changing

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usewisdom 2 months ago

ot so sure its really the bad guys marshall law. It probably will be the Whitehats Alliance taking over because of your tyrannical governments forcing people to take the genocidal jabs, wear muzzles, distancing from each other, perpetual lockdowns, food shortages destroying the economies, hospitals becoming dangerous place to be as they are intentionally killing people with specific drugs and refusing the good drugs that has helped save lives. Of course the hospital staff will be replaced because those crooks will be arrested by the military, its a cleanup of the swamps guys. The entire medical institutions CDC and whatever equivalent in Canada has been dictating false mandates to people and along with the police, attacking people and children for using their godgiven right not to be jabbed with poison and mind control nanobots for depopulation Agenda21. I think the confiscation of property does not apply to citizens, its for the deepstate evil cabal elites who have been controlling us. Of course travel has to be controlled these criminals will try to escape. We just need to stay put until the coast is clear, I'm sure will be notified. You cant trust your government but the Alliance will be taking over until we elect who we want to represent us. Yes this is worldwide and I believe that it is necessary to take back our countries from those Cabal demons. Rather than panic, we should look at it as a warning so we are not alarmed when it happens but be glad as a rescue mission from the Alliance. I believe thy have to put it in writing in a way that is intended to be a warning of the deepstate cabal employees. Even if it was intended to be the bad guys taking over, the Alliance will not let that happen and even there has to be a fight between the good and bad military, citizens will be protected, better to stay off the roads. No cause for alarm guys. you should be glad help is on the way to stop all the tyranical atrocieties and crimes against humanity.

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sparklegreen 2 months ago

This dude spreading fear..WE ALL KNEW Military is the only way forward. Get supplies and hunker down.. freakin common sense! martial law ain't pretty and wrapped in is war. If you are evil you will be rounded up. period..hospitals, school board and enforcement, judges and lawyers all the way up.

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2 months ago

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