Re:SOULution - Conscious Hip Hop Mixture ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
21 Oct 2021

A lot of ideas came to mind in brainstorming this project and the title for it.. I was playing around with different ways and similes for solution: soul-lution, solvent, or resolution and it also brought to mind stages in the alchemical process like dissolution.. they are all integral towards improvement, bringing order to chaos (the non nwo way), diagnosing problems at their root cause, learning from mistakes and pain, a better way of life, and a better world in the macrocosm.. Solutions from the soul i suppose and we need to anchor in more of that good stuff in this reality field and not keep this idea that our souls are separate from it to begin with.. That heart-based intelligence is where it's at- activated heart that is aligned with the codes of consciousness.. part of achieving that is by the alchemical process where the dissolution stage is breaking up that ego and false sense of self so that the higher self can emerge and take charge.. We need more people seeking their stellar selves, and not so much this truth seeking rabbit hole diving frenzy that is much more externalized than the inner alchemical work.. You are the Soullution.. we all are, and if we really embodied and put it into responsible action, the world would drastically change for the better.

We Need to strike a balance in the search and application of solutions between the micro/macro, self/others, household/community.. The problem is that so many people are lazy, don't care, or think contrary methods are solutions like waiting/expecting government or globalists, or transhumanists, oligarchs, corporations, msm, or even elon musks' goddamn mars colony mission when these are the figures selling, controlling and instigating the problems- including war, sickness and toxic injections! They always offer "their solutions," which is on purpose so they can get us to consent and bypass karmic debt since we are literally accepting our bondage and suffering due to complying with those psychopaths.. WE ALL NEED TO SAY NO + those working for them quit, those voting for them quit, those paying them or buying their products stop.. Starve the beast and take back our power & rights. There’s a song in there called "yes we can" and it came out way before that obummer slogan of false hope and the rise of the drones with a dash of insidious narcissistic communism- drop the mic on that shit

The real solutions are there, we just need to resolute absolute, re-spect, re-member, re-organize, re-synthesise, re-calibrate, re-align, and act in accordance to truth, love, Natural Law, morality, justice and equality


Another PSA - Bay Area Art Collective
Top O' the Mornin'
No Delay - Ohmega Watts ft. Surreal
Bring In The Light - Zion I
Wax Musim - Prayer 1 2 3
Zeitgiest - Sun-Conscious
Winds - Semiotics
Unite - Z-Man ft. Illuminati Congo
Tion - Blood of Abraham
Track 7 - DJ Bizarro x Manly P Hall
Transcendent Realms - Goddess Alchemy Project
Yes, We Can! - Mayhem Mystics
Illumination - Illuminannt
Soul Streets - DJ Raff x Manly P Hall
Burn Somethin' - Idris Goodwin
Internal Conflict, Resolution - Ayentee
Inner Peace - Wisdom ft. Tekneek
Phoenix Rising (Resolution) - Mystic
Passion - Thawfor
WhoWanit?! - Larry Macdonald
((Natural Law)) Rulez* - Boogie Down Productions*
Let's Begin - Bicasso
It's On You - Ras K'dee
S.O.L.Control - Source of Labor
Quarantine Survival - La Rime Métisse ft. Kensho Kuma
My Philosophy - EVS ft. Commonwealth

-Actually all vocal samples exclusively used for this project were from the late and very great Manly P Hall.. But just like with anyone, we can't put them on some pedestal in our minds and accept/believe everything they say just cuz we have an infatuation with them.. every human is prone to error and not knowing everything.. I love that man's work regardless

Arranged, Mixed & Recorded in 432Hz in Quimper, France on 22/4/21 by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind

*the track by Boogie Down Productions is actually titled Jah Rulez, and i edited and sampled of the word Jah in that track because (believe it or not- or just try to know instead) Jah/Jahova/Yaweh/YWH/J-hova, are part of the false light matrix that has conducted a multitude of mind control techniques on a multidimensional level including organized religion since before antiquity.. check the link below.. But yea, i know, this is a huge blow to many because it is integrated in a million songs, hyms, religious texts, etc.. and yes, unfortunately Jah Rastafari is part of that conundrum.. Just think of the prefix- virtually all variants derived from that fall in line with the dark occult inversions.. We are here at this time/earth cycle to break these faulty traditions, religions and feedback loops of almost unimaginable deception, manipulation and disconnection to the raw source energy of eternal life... that can be found in the depths of your soul- not in some religious or new age text..

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