R--Type Final 2 - R-9A3 LADYLOVE (Practice Difficulty) Complete Standard Playthrough

16 Jan 2022

This ship was built with data from the first two R-9 models, creating a stable, powerful fighter.
Requirements: After obtaining the R-9A2 Delta, pilots will need to enter this password to reveal the ship: "loveandpeace". No materials are required.

Description: [Strengthened Standard Loadout]
A re-designed model based on R-9A and A2 data that has been fitted with an enhanced Force. The base model for several sub-series of fighters.

Force: Standard Force DX
Bit Device: 2 x Round Bit Or 2 x Shadow Bit
Missile: 2 x Homing Missile Or 1 x Depth Bomb Or 1 x Scatter Bomb
Wave Cannon: Standard Wave Cannon II

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