"Just say no!" Awesome Song

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
27 May 2021

⁣"Just say no!" Awesome Song

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RoxyTube 2 months ago

great rap and perfect song. have to check him out further. Love how they put in loving memory to Brandy Vaughan at the end.

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2 months ago

I agree Steve! I did follow her story to come to know this beautiful woman who sacrificed her fun - filled life for speaking the bold truth for all of us! RIP Brandy! Thumbs up for this awesome song that speaks the bold truth of their evil plandemic! Thumbs up to you Steve for your intelligent creativity of Roxytube :-)

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2 months ago

@Rob D: I have been watching and commenting all day, as I am learning so much that I have not been aware of. I built my channel yesterday, so as I am understanding earnings from commenting, watching, and liking. My goal is if I do get any earnings they are going to be donated back to you, Steve! Am I doing anything wrong? Someone said I was sending too many notifications. I do not want to disturb anyone! I am watching the videos from beginning to end. I am sorry for making a mess of posts on Rotter News, was not my intention, just ignorant from not knowing your censorship, which I THINK IS BRILLIANT! A guy named Pete told me to continue my illegal drugs, and other prescriptions. I did not let that other me, nor does it now! I avoid confrontation at all costs! We are for one another, as their trying to bring us against each other, as you know this well, also.

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