"JUGGERNOG DOES NOTHING!" - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies w/ Randoms (Farm)

23 Nov 2021

These kids got unlucky a few times during this match.
Part 2 http://youtu.be/Q7jFBnVPnJQ

Hacked AK74u http://youtu.be/2bC7fB0KCPE
Hacked Hades http://youtu.be/a3eWZdNNAKY
Com Room Chaos http://youtu.be/wrnmu9py2sU
420 Impeller http://youtu.be/WHuKsE-B2N4
TranZit Der Untoten http://youtu.be/SXMY4IJDKfo
Semtex Only http://youtu.be/mPW9cJYJDQ8
Pentagon Catwalk http://youtu.be/4b_UnXSSm84

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Call of Duty CoD Black Ops 2 Zombies Farm With Randoms by TheRelaxingEnd.

#TheRelaxingEnd #BlackOps2Zombies #TranZit

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