"F L Y I N G S Y R I n G E S" -Full- (32m:24s)

02 Dec 2021

"F L Y I N G💉💉S Y R I n G E S" (Full)
(Runtime: 32m:24s)

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FireDOVEll 1 month ago

Thank You & bugs were & are bad this year & they won't die with store-bought killer sprays. Bills Superbugs are somehow not a topic anyone is concerned with so far except me. I don't think people understand or think they will be infected by bugs, slugs, snails. fleas, fruit flies, ants, & house flies, mice & the list goes on. I see it as a way the rich can get away with all the lies they use to blame us, climate, or bugs to be the causes that maim us, make us sick & hide their evil

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