"Being Straight Is Actually GAY!"

23 Nov 2021

Is being straight actually gay?
At first, being straight and hevaing sex with women seems perfectly straight... but is it really? Does touching some boobies lead to touching willies? In this video we listen to the wise words of Dawah Man, who was not afraid to tell the truth and keep us safe from The Gay.

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DISCLAIMER: All the content that I upload to this channel is meant only as satire and comedy. I have no ill will towards anyone I talk about in my videos. Please do not attack anyone or anything I talk about.
Tnx :)

For some context: Dawah Man is a failed rapper and muslim preacher that runs a youtube channel called Naseeha Sessions. He's very extreme and his takes are some of the most hilarious takes on smonking, drinking and sex that I have ever seen, so here's a little video making fun of him.

Pretty dark down here huh? ◉_◉

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BlogZilla 2 months ago

Please. Theyre so anti-gay but they have no problem raping boys, bacha-bazi and everything else

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