Questions. Original spoken word poetry. Original poem read by the author John Leckrone. Episode 177

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
12 Apr 2021


Often in our lives we are forced to ask some questions,of things that concern us or that we simply don't mention. We talk to our family and we talk to our friends,Yet sometimes we just think "why won't it end?"Life can be troublesome, this much is very true,The world will attack us to make us down and blue.But in these awful times of depths of despair.Know that there are people who love you and do care.When a friend suffers and will not let you know,we wonder what to do and wonder where to go.All we can offer is open arms with which to hold.A place of refuge for someone suffering from the cold.So when in this dark place with no light to admire,Know that I am reaching out to pull you from the mire.A helping hand is available for those who will but seek,To lift you up in the times that you are feeling down and weak.May this message remind you of love and of endless peace.And in times of starvation, a table with a succulent feast.My door is always open, the phone I wait to ring,Just know that I do love you and together we will sing.For when we feel so troubled by the situations of the dayThere are people all around us ready to make the pain go away.

Original poem by John Leckrone
All rights are retained by the author.

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