Psychotic Billionaires Watch The World Burn From Afar

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
27 Jul 2021

⁣Psychotic Billionaires Watch The World Burn From Afar
Bowne Report - Jul 26, 2021

As the world burns due to the Global Reset Agenda supported by the technocrats that have met annually to formulate a plan to cull humanity, the elite are retreating to their billion dollar redoubts. It would be comparable to an arsonist burning down an entire city and gleefully returning to their home in the next town. There will be no investigation by the authorities. The authorities are powerless. Meanwhile, American citizens are slowly facing forced mandatory vaccinations as the Great Reset Agenda pushes its psychosis onward.

More Stuff:
If not you, then Who?
Time is short. Lines are formed.

The enemy is as ancient as the War.
Respect, never underestimate the enemy.

The first rule of War is to recognize when you are in one.
Then know the battlefield. The terrain is always human.

Jabbed...? or Not? Victim... ? or Survivor?
Choose life... or Choose Death.
Are you a sheep, or a sheepdog?
Are you a warrior, or a slave?

Your masks wont silence us.
Your shut downs wont stop us.
Your riots don't scare us.

Faith defeats fakery.
Idealism is not realism.
Religion is not God.
Per talk is not Kinetic.

Do not believe, discern. Do not trust, verify.
Do not conform, Rebel. Do not Submit, Refuse.

DO not line up, Step out! DO not obey, Resist!
Do not kneel, stand. We stand Together Alone.

Discern via action, not words.
Friend from Foe, sheep from wolves.
Victory or Defeat depends on commitment.
- Jeffrey Prather
Anthony Fauci Emails

Wikileaks Newest Drop 6/14/21
GhostEzra: "Wikileaks dump. Send to everyone."

The Deep Rig:
Odysee: ⁣
Part 2:

This is how the vaccine (nano-dust), spike Protein, Graphene oxide + 5g Control your brain
Graphene Oxide ~ The Mechanism For Connection To 5G Grid

New Nuremberg Trial to take place on September 21st 2021 on the Isle of Man

Excellent Resource Links EVERYONE should check out if you have not
CORRECTED WIKI of most things corrupted and lied about'

[SoundCloud] Awesome Covid:

(My Preferred)

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