25 Feb 2021

Credit: ODD TV. ⁣ In this video we go over the recent history of the NASA deception with a easy to follow timeline from NACA transforming into NASA to Walt Disney creating some of the very first propaganda about impossible space travel with the film 'Man in Space. Stanley Kubrick leaving us clues about filming the moon landing in room 237. They say the moon is 237,000 miles away which is why the room is called that. NASA admits on several occasions that they can't go beyond low earth orbit due to the deadly Van Allen Radiation Belt, but that's only code for the firmament / dome. We live on a level and stationary plane and we've been lied to about many things, including evolution, the moon landing, space travel, Antarctica, the shape of the earth, etc. Hollywood is constantly bomarding the minds of the masses with the idea that outer space exists in the capacity we are told by mainstream science which has been proven wrong time and time again.

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yeshuaschosen 2 months ago

6 back to back moon landings but its technology is lost.Hmmm

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Midas1212 2 months ago

The moon landing wasn't a hoax. My dad's neighbor worked for NASA when we went to the moon. He affirmed that yes, we went to the moon. There is no firmament or dome over the earth. That's just pure lunacy. Flat earthers are beyond insanity.

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